I Recover Your Data offers data recovery for hard drives, solid state drives, and iPhones.

I offer professional data recovery that is affordable and secure. I have three tiers of data recovery. Most recovery projects fall under my $329 recovery service. If an external part requires replacement on the drive, there is an additional $70 charge to make the total $399. And finally, Tier three is known as a “Clean room recovery”. A clean room recovery is required if any internal part needs replaced on the drive. Tier three is $699 if successful.

We have a no data no charge policy… While rare, some drives are not recoverable. If we are not able to recover the data on your drive, there is no charge for our attempt!

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Hard Drive Recovery $329 – $699

Standard Data Recovery $329 – Most failing drives do not require a “clean room recovery”. In my experience, about 70% of drives do not require any clean room service. Most data recovery businesses have a standard diagnosis script that they send out explaining that your drive requires a clean room recovery so they can charge you thousands of dollars for your project. Recoveries that do not require internal part replacements are usually completed within 1-3 days.

Clean Room Recovery $699 – About 30% of the drives I have received over the years need internal part replacement in a clean room environment. Examples of these issues include “bad heads” (something most recovery shops claim you have even before looking at the drive), stuck motors, blown preamp, etc. If internal parts require replacement, sometimes donor drives have to be ordered (I keep a lot of drive in stock as you can see in our store). If a donor part is required with a clean room recovery, the turnaround time is usually about 2-3 weeks. The clean room fee of $350 is non-refundable.

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iPhone Data Recovery $499 if Successful

$500 Flat Rate iPhone Recovery – I offer board level iPhone data recovery for iPhones that are liquid damaged, dropped, or just stopped working. My success rate is about 95% for liquid damaged phones, 85% for “just stopped working” phones, and 75% for dropped and stopped working phones. I do not offer recovery for devices that are disabled because of an unknown passcode or have had the data deleted. Turnaround time for iPhone recovery is about 2 weeks.

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More information about our data recovery services

Looking for information that isn’t on our site? Feel free to contact me with any questions you have.

Mac Data Recovery

After running a full service Mac repair shop for over a decade, I know a thing or two about Macs. My Mac data recovery skills have been built from over 15 years in the industry. If needed, I can even handle the entire process from recovering the data to installing a new drive and transferring the data back to your computer. If you had a hard drive fail in your Mac, it might be a good time to look into having an SSD installed. SSD’s are much faster than standard spinning disk drives and will give your Mac a good speed boost. How do you know if your Mac has a failed drive? There are a lot of symptoms that can point to a failed drive. Check out my Mac recovery page for more info. learn more

PC Data Recovery

The majority of the drives I receive for data recovery are PC drives. This is not because they are inferior to Mac drives, but rather that there is just more of them out there! I work with some PC repair shops that send their difficult recoveries to me so I have seen just about everything possible on Windows recoveries. Even a mid 90’s drive with 200mb of storage! If needed I can remove the drive from your PC, and recommend a good local repair shop to take your PC to to get a new drive installed. I always recover data onto an external backup drive so you can choose to move the data to a new computer if you decide not to fix the old one. learn more

External Drive Data Recovery

External drives are everywhere nowadays. You use them for storing large photo collections, archiving old computers, backing up computers, and more. External drives fail as often as internal drives (if not more due to their mobile nature). I can recover from all kinds of external devices including Western Digital, Seagate, Toshiba, G-Drive, Iomega, and pretty much every external drive out there. Some external drives combine more than one drive into the box (RAIDs). I can recover those as well! I am also able to remove the drive from its enclosure, so no need to take anything apart. .. I will take care of the whole process. learn more

RAID recoveries

I am one of the few techs that offers RAID recovery in-house. Most shops have to mail the RAID out for recovery due to the difficult and time consuming process of rebuilding the RAID. If you are shop and need help rebuilding a RAID recovery, please contact me and we can discuss the project. If you have a RAID and need recovery, I can help! I charge on a per drive basis. So if you have a 4 drive RAID 5 and need data recovery, the total cost would be 4 x $500 = $2000. Please contact me with any RAID recovery questions and to discuss the recovery of your particular RAID. learn more

iPhone Data Recovery

I offer data recovery services for iPhones that have been liquid damaged, dropped, just stopped working, and more! Most shops just clean the board and retest the phone, while I am able to replace the shorted or damaged chips on the iPhones logic board if needed. While the process is time consuming and tedious, I am more likely to be successful than most shops when it comes to advanced data recovery. My data recovery service for iPhones is $500 if successful. learn more

MacBook Pro Data Recovery

The latest version of Apple’s MacBook Pro lineup no longer has a physical drive that holds the data. Instead they have the data chips installed directly on the logic board. Recovering the data from these computers when damaged is an involved and time consuming task. The most common issue I am seeing is a liquid damaged machine that has data that is not backed up. I can offer data recovery for these computers under the clean room rate of $850 if successful. learn more

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Shipping Instructions

I will send you a padded shipping box for your device that includes a return label. Once you receive the shipping box, simply put your device in the box and affix the included label. You can call UPS for a pickup, or drop the box off at any UPS shipping box/center. I will let you know as soon as your device arrives and start the recovery process.