Deleted Data Recovery

If you accidentally deleted data, or formatted a drive with important data on it, we may be able to help!

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$100 Flat Rate Deleted File Recovery

Deleted or formatted data recovery is different from our standard data recovery service in a couple key ways. First of all, your drive is not failing so it does not require imaging onto a good drive. Second of all, it takes a certain amount of time to recover all the data that is still on your drive, but we have no idea if the data you are looking for will be part of the data that is recoverable. Therefore, we charge $100 for deleted file recovery, and the charge is up front and non-refundable. We can’t guarantee that the data recovered will be the data you are looking for.

What happens when you delete a file

On most spinning disk drives, when you delete a file, the file is still on your drive until it is overwritten by another file. So if you delete 100GB worth of photos, then immediately turn off your computer, you will get back almost all of your 100GB of photos unless you are working with a drive that has TRIM support or similar (more on that later). But if you continue to use your computer, even just for browsing the internet or working with small files, the computer will start overwriting pieces of the deleted photos with new data and could corrupt a lot of the data over a short period of time. So if you delete data accidentally or accidentally format a drive, stop using the computer/drive right away until data recovery can be completed.

TRIM Support

Some drives (like Apple SSD’s), have a feature that wipes deleted data forever by overwriting the data when deleted. So if you deleted files from your MacBook Air, or Retina MacBook Pro, those files are not recoverable with deleted file recovery.